“Rockaway, a light, low, four-wheeled, horse-drawn carriage popular in the United States after its introduction at Rockaway, N.J., in 1830. It had a driver’s seat built into the body, with the top projecting forward to protect the driver from inclement weather. The main body was of the coupé type and was suspended on elliptic springs made of several layers of curved flat steel.

In about 1870 the term depot wagon was applied to many carriages of the Rockaway type, and by 1890 the term station wagon was also in use, though there were few, if any, differences between them. They were made until the end of the 19th century, and the style was carried over into many early automobiles.”

from; Encyclopædia Britannica


Pronounced “Visa-vee” and meaning “face to face”, our beautiful Vis-à-vis carriages are perfect for any formal occasion. They may be pulled by one or two horses and can comfortably seat four to six passengers.

We can customize the decorations to suit your event, and add lights for evening rides.

Hay Wagon

This wagon has comfortable built in bench seating, and is a wonderful addition to any large group event. In hunter green and natural wood tone, it can seat twelve to fifteen average size adults and children, or up to nineteen children alone, and is  always pulled with two horses. 

 This wagon can also be decorated to suit your event and lit up for evening rides. Food and drink are allowed on this vehicle, making it perfect for a family picnic on wheels!

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