All of our carriage and wagons are pulled by Percheron power. Percherons are a heavy draft breed originating in La Perch, a district of Normandy, France, and were bred for heavy farm work and battle mounts in the Middle Ages. Each of our horses weighs in at about 1,600 to 2,000 lbs. and stand at 18 hands  (a hand equaling 4 inches). The breed can reach up to 19 hands.

They are known as gentle giants and live up to their name. All of our horses can be ridden, driven single or teamed up with one another. They are all experienced with street noises, city traffic and large public gatherings.

Our horses are always well groomed, wonderfully behaved and treated with great respect. Most of all they are given a lot of attention and love, which we feel is the key to their all around performance, personality and health.





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